The "White Thassos" quarries are found in Greece, on the beautiful emerald green and crystal clear waters homonymous Island which is located in the Northern Greece and specifically in the North-East part of the Province Macedonia. Stone mines are scattered all over the island and all of them are open-pit (as elsewhere stones may be mined underground, from tunnels).
Some of the mines have been sourced since ancient times by Thassian quarriers. The early exploitation of the white marble quarries is proved by the remains of the ancient Saliara, Aliki and Vathy mine locations and by the ancient quotes, such as of Herodotus (the greatest historian of antiquity), who had several references to the unique Thassian white marble.
ThassosThassos Mine of Thasos White, SaliaraMine of Thasos White, Saliara Ancient theater, Limenas ThasosAncient theater, Limenas Thasos
White Thassos quarries White Thassos quarries White Thassos quarryWhite Thassos quarry Macedonia stone,  Marble Thassos quarryMacedonia stone, Marble Thassos quarry
Nowadays, there are still many efficient and productive quarries of marble Thassos and this amazing snowwhite Greek stone, in all its selections, continues to play a leading role in the international market as its exports are extensive in tiles, slabs and blocks, in order to be used in the around the world prestigious projects. Besides, the Island itself, along with the neighboring areas of Drama and Kavala, consist the major source of whitish and white Greek marble as therein are also located several other popular Macedonia stone productive mines.

From the mines to the end product the procedure is simple: Blocks of white marble Thassos are strictly selected from the most productive quarries and the quarrier pays much attention to the quality. The producer continues the strict selection procedure in all stages of the stone production in the factory, equipped with the latest technology machinery, in order to guarantee a defect-free marble supply. Finally, a small portion of the production is distributed to the Greek market. While, the largest portion of the production mainly represents exports to factories - industries, suppliers and construction companies according to their requirements (in raw or elaborated forms).
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