Thassos Stone Selections


The original Thassos marble trade - commercial names (one of which, not well known, is Thassian marble), derive from the homonymous Island of Macedonia Province in Northern Greece (Hellas), where all its quarries are located. Several other known names are given by a Greek trader or exporter, manufacturer or quarrier, as it happens with the majority of the Hellenic marbles (Greek).
These names are usually accompanied by a second or even third name based either on external factors (such as quarry locations) or on the characteristics (veins - lines, crystals, etc.) or the mineral analysis of the stone.
Stone selections based on
Snowwhite background
Veins free Shadows free
Snowwhite background
1-2 transparent crystals
Snowwhite background
Light grey shadows A few crystals
Snowwhite background
Diagonal light red veins
Snowwhite background
A few transparent crystals
Thassos ExtraThassos Extra Thassos ClassicoThassos Classico Thassos WaterfallThassos Waterfall Thassos RedlinesThassos Redlines Thassos Crystal WhiteThassos Crystal White

Marble trade names based on

The island's or perfecture's name and on various other names such as of villages' and of mountains' which are located nearby the producing factories or quarries: Athos marble, Thasian or Thassian white, Limenas Thassos marble, white of Prinos Thassos, white of Saliara, Marion, Macedonia stone.
Background color: Milky or Absolute or Pure white, Schnee-weiss or Snowhite or Snow white Thassos marble, Thassos Crystallina Semi White or Grey or Ash-Coloured Crystalina, Brilliant white, Blanco Dolomita, Blanco Neve, Bianco Neve, mármol Blanco Nieve, Thassos Neve, Krystal stone.
Stone selections - quality: Extra quality, Red Lines (Veins), Classic or Classico, Commercial, Crystal White.
Stones' crystals - mineral composition: Bianco Crystal granite, Greek Crystal white marble, Dolomita Blanco, Thassos Crystallina or Crystalline, Cristallina, Crystalina Grey, Crystal Quartz, Crystallic, Cristalino or Cristallino, Krystal Stone.
Stone resemblance to another also famous one: Thasos Statuario.
Veining & color similarity of the rock to natural features: Snowwhite Thassos stone, Waterfall or Wasserfall or Rainfall, Edelweiss or Edelweiß, Tear Drop.
Translated names which are used by the foreign factories - distributors, traders or suppliers: Branco or Bianco Thasos, Blanco Dolomita, Thasos Schnee-Weiss, Wasserfall, Thasos Weiss or weiß, Тассос Вайт, Тасос Белый, Bianco Neve, Blanco Neve, Blanco Nieve, Thassos Nieve mármol.
Common misspellings of marbel trade due to the around the world supplies of white marble: Thasos marble, Thasso marbel, Thaso merble, Tassos or Tasos.
Definitions & Information on Marble
  • Hellenic marble has been expansively quarried and used in Greek marble architecture long before other nations knew its existance. Thus, "marble" and other foreign words that are now beeing used to define this natural rock, such as mármore, mármol, mramor, marmor, marbre, мрамор, marmo, marmer, marmori, mermer, marmur, marmura, marmure, márvány, marbel etc., are deriving from the ancient hellenic word (gr) μάρμαρο -ν, singular: μάρμαρο -ν, MAPMAPO-N (marmaro -n) and plural: μάρμαρα, MAPMAPA (marmara) from the verb μαρμαίρω (marmairo) which means "to shine" ⇒ "shining" stone.
  • Stone selection is not based on official standards one can make reference to, as there are not "official stone grades" in the industry and trade of the stone. "Stone selections", as mentioned above, may vary among factories and companies and might also have subcategories according to the quality, such as A1, A2, A3.
  • Quarry blocks, slabs and tiles by nature can not be identical and all samples are liable to vary in color and veining as all other natural rocks (limestone, travertine, granit - granite).
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