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Natural stone is a regal touch and in no terms it can be compared to artificial stones. Since ancient times, the use of Greek marble in architecture and constructions indicates luxury and good taste either applied to interior or exterior areas.
Today, architects and designers appreciate the value of Greek marbles and especially the value of Thassos White, as its versatility is astonishing and it can create any atmosphere and shape any mood regardless in which area of a building it has been applied.
Carved columnCarved column White stone tilesWhite stone tiles
For many decades, supplies of Thassos marble tiles, in cut-to-size dimensions or tiles in custom made sizes, slabs or raw blocks from the quarry, have been reaching industries and construction companies all over the world. The stone has been used in accomplishing many prestigious institutional, commercial and residential projects as it is suitable for interior and exterior applications, either used in all by itself or in combination with granite and other stones. Thassos White use is usually in interiors and can be applied to almost all areas and spaces of commercial and residential buildings: in kitchens (wall - floor tiles and countertops), in lounges, living rooms, hotel lobbies and public places (wall - floor and special works such as interior steps - staircases, table tops, columns), in bathrooms (wall - floor tiles and vanity tops), etc. Also it can be used plain or carved in hearths, mantles and the entire surrounds of fireplaces. While it is also suitable for exterior use and includes outdoor steps - staircases and facades (wall claddings).
Thassos marble tileThassos marble tile Thassos white tilesThassos white tiles Snow white Thassos tileSnow white Thassos tile
On the contrary to popular misconception regarding white marble of being easily etched and stained by water, wine and chemicals, in fact, with the use of modern technology in its production and the use of modern quality sealers during its installation and maintenance, these risks have been significantly reduced or even eliminated. Nowadays, most of the white marbles and all Thassos White stone selections as well, can be easily maintained and be long lasting. Taking into consideration the still standing Parthenon and many other monuments in Greece built almost two thousand years ago, Greek marble is a durable rock. An additional confirmation that your application will remain as a monument to itself is that Thassos White having the great density of 2850 kg/m3 is a durable stone.
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